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Sign Up Bonus*:

Apna Bazar Grocery welcomes new users and appreciates them by awarding 250 Reward Points worth $5 at the time of registration.

Introducing Cashback for new users!

Now earn what you spend. Earn back 15% of total amount of your first order. Enter the code at checkout while placing your very first order.

Use Code: NEW15

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Reward Points:

Apna Bazar Grocery brings an exciting feature of earning points and your shopping. We allow you to earn back your spending.

Understanding The Concept:

  1. Reward Points are awarded to all the registered users on the website
  2. Cashback is the amount earned back on a purchase made on the site and is referred as Reward Points after conversion.
  3. Cashback amount/percentage amount is transferred to a user’s Reward Points section and is provided/earned at the successful order purchase and transaction.
  4. Earing Reward Points:
    Cashback offered on every order is defined as follows:
    • If your purchase is less than or equal to $199 – Cashback offered is 3% of total amount of your order. This means 3% of the amount will be converted and awarded to you as Reward Points in your account.
    • If your purchase is more than $199 – Cashback offered is 5 % of total amount of your order. This means 5% of the amount will be converted and awarded to you as Reward Points in your account.
  5. 1 Reward Point = $0.02, and it takes 50 reward points to compose $1. And this means if you apply 50 Reward Points for a particular order/transaction, $1 shall be deducted from your total amount at the checkout.
  6. Spending Limit:
    A user can spend/apply reward points on order amount for up to 30% of its total value. For example, if you shop for $100, so $30 is the maximum limit for reward points amount which we call as ‘Spending Limit’.
  7. Reward Points and Cashback cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer.
  8. Either a Reward Point is earned or spent on an ongoing order and both cannot take place/used simultaneously on the same order/transaction.

*Our existing customers are going to be acknowledged by awarding 300 points without any condition. Please refer to your Reward Points Section to see your points.